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Word Crimes. Love it!

My personal favorite: “I could care less.” Whenever I hear someone say that, I immediately file them in my mental rolodex of idiots to never speak with unless required by law.”

Lynda.com offers Intro to OS X Mavericks, free until Nov. 17th

Just upgraded to Mavericks? Do you know someone who needs a little training on the new features? Lynda.com is generously offering their Intro to OS X Mavericks training video by Chris Breen for free until Nov. 17th. Watch the OS X Mavericks training video here.

[zilla_alert style=”yellow”] You’ll have to visit this Facebook page and click the link to the Lynda.com video page. A pop-up will ask if you want to share it on Facebook, just hit Cancel if you don’t want to share right at the moment. [/zilla_alert]

Video Description: While many of the important changes in Mavericks are “under the hood,” there are some intriguing “over the hood” features that make your Mac more efficient and easier to use. Macworld’s Chris Breen shows you the way. Learn how to install Mac OS X 10.9, aka Mavericks, and discover how improvements to the Finder, the iCloud Keychain, multi-monitor support, and apps like Maps, Calendar, Safari, and iBooks make your Mac experience even better.

Airy: A simply elegant YouTube downloader for Mac (30% discount)

Eltima Airy

I can’t tell you how many browser extensions I’ve used over the years who’s sole purpose was to download YouTube videos. Every single one of them was either a miserable experience, riddled with ads, or stopped working after each YouTube or browser update. Most get abandoned by the developer after either happens.

Stand alone apps aren’t much better. Most look horrible, and nearly all are overly complicated for accomplishing the single job I task them with; downloading YouTube videos.

I recently had the need to download a YouTube video, and of course, the app I had installed didn’t work anymore. Purely by coincidence, the developer of Airy reached out to me to see if I had tried it. I hadn’t, but I’m glad I did. (more…)