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Cinemagraph: making .gif popular again


Cinemagraph: the latest craze in web images (Image: From Me To You photography blog)

There’s no Flash, no fancy JQuery, Javascript, or HTML5 going on behind the scenes with the image above. No, the image above is a plain old fashioned .gif file at its heart. Of course, there’s nothing plain about how this Cinemagraph was made.

Cinemagraph is finding its way onto a lot of websites because there’s no compatibility issues to deal with, and it has a fairly low technical barrier. Anyone with a copy of Adobe Photoshop and a video camera can produce a Cinemagraph image.

Check out these 28 sample Cinemagraph images, then when you’re ready to start making your own, visit Tested.com for a simple Cinemagraph tutorial.

Elmedia Player Pro: View, download & manage video files (15% off)

Elmedia Player ProIf you’re looking for a simple, one app solution to viewing, downloading and managing video files on your Mac, Eltima Software has the solution for you.

Let me start out by saying that Eltima offers a free version of Elmedia Player, but I don’t recommend it because there are already several plugins and apps that integrate with the Mac OS and your browser to simply view videos not natively supported on the Mac. While Elmedia Player (free) does this well, it adds an extra step vs. browser plugins, etc. For a truly full-featured solution, you really need Elmedia Player Pro ($19.95). (more…)

Convert YouTube and Internet videos to iPod/iTunes format for free

EvomThere are plenty of browser plugins that allow you to download videos from websites like YouTube. A few of them even allow you to convert the video to a different format to suit your needs. However most of them are either complex, require further processing, or simply break every time the browser gets updated. Thankfully, there’s a free Mac OS X app that does it quickly and easily.

Evom from TheLittleAppFactory does just that. Evom allows you to convert online video to a number of formats, including iPod, Apple TV and HTML5.

Evom converts Internet videos easily

Evom converts Internet videos to a number of convenient formats easily

The easiest way I’ve found is to drag the Favicon of the YouTube page containing the video you wish to convert to the desktop, then to the Evom window. Evom does the rest for you. In my tests, it worked on YouTube and a number of other sites perfectly.

Free DVD to iPhone conversion software

DVD To iPhoneIf you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, or simply wish to convert video to a number of formats, you can get a free copy of iSkySoft’s DVD To iPhone software just for friending them on Facebook, and giving them your email address.

This free app promotion ends this week, so go to iSkySoft’s special Facebook page now, click the Like button at the top of the page, provide your email, and download the software. In about a minute you’ll receive a license number in your email to activate your free copy of the software.

Capture audio and video directly with Quicktime Player

If you regularly use iMovie or some other application to capture audio or video, or were wondering how to do it on the cheap, then you’ll love this handy little tip.

Video Capture with Quicktime Player

Video Capture with Quicktime Player

All you’ll need is a copy of Quicktime Pro 7 or later, or the latest version of Quicktime Player in Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), and a Mac with an iSight camera, or a connected video camera or microphone.