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The state of graphic design (Infographic)

State of Graphic Design

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Smartpress conducted a survey to aggregate the opinion of 40+ graphic designers with 5 years or more experience in the industry.

This infographic reveals what the graphic design pros place emphasis and importance on. Whether you’re starting out in the field of design or you’re a seasoned art director you will find the information useful.

I’m not sure I agree with the basic idea behind the survey, because I don’t believe that simply knowing software makes anyone a great graphic designer. Graphic design is about conveying a message in the best way to attract the desired audience. I know plenty of fantastic graphic designers that aren’t very good using software – though I agree that knowing how to use the tools of the trade is essential.

The Logitech Washable Keyboard

Logitech Washable Keyboard

Logitech Washable Keyboard

Logitech has introduced a washable keyboard for $40, perfect for those who like to eat at their desk (thus depositing food particles into the spaces between keys, and getting greasy, grimy gunk all over the keys). The only downside is that the drivers are for Microsoft Windows only. That being said, it will function just fine with any Mac, you just won’t have the benefit of the media keys (unless you can program them from the Mac OS).

Is Apple working on a Photoshop competitor?

Apple graphics patent

Patently Apple reports on recent Apple patent filings that indicate Apple is working on a graphics application with a new fancy-pants GUI. Now I don’t doubt that Apple is (or was) working on a graphics package. But I HIGHLY doubt that this graphics app was meant to compete with Photoshop – unless you feel like iWork actually competes with MS Office. That being said, a fourth app added to iWork would be nice, no?

Very interesting patent filing, nonetheless.

Adobe Exchange returns: Search, discover, install

Adobe Exchange Panel

The Adobe Exchange panel provides a new way to search, discover, and install plug-ins, extensions, and other content for Creative Suite products. With this preview of the Adobe Exchange panel, you can browse through items that are available for your CS6 applications; download and install those items; and update acquired items when new versions are available.

For those who’ve been around a while, you may recall that Adobe Exchange was previously available only from the web – and it was an absolutely horrible web experience. This new Panel is a huge improvement!