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15 Gorgeous Examples of Travel and Leisure Brochures

A brochure made for a hotel, spa or anything related to relaxing must act like a mirror to the viewer’s desires. This type of brochure must make you dream of that location and to feel like you are in a vacation while reading it. It must sell the service even if you don’t have enough information about it.

Beautiful travel brochure inspiration

In this article you can see a collection of 15 gorgeous examples of brochures related to travel and leisure.

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Are we biting the hand that feeds us?

Newspaper revenueMost graphic designers (and computer users in general) are tech-savvy enough that they’ve long-since passed on reading newspapers and magazines in favor of reading digital versions on their phones, tablets and computer screens. I’m guilty, I’ll admit it. But are we, as designers, biting the hand that has feed us for so many years?

The newspaper industry has kept graphic designers thriving for many, many years. And while you can make the argument that the web is responsible for many tech-savvy designers keeping busy, it’s nowhere near the glory years of ad agencies employing dozens of designers and art directors to produce the ads required to fill a daily newspaper – not to mention the staff of graphic artists to handle the layout of all the ads and text.

The collapse of print advertising tells the tale better than I can.

Infographic: Should you work for free?

Should I work for free

Should I work for free

Ever have a difficult time deciding if you should take on that design project for free? This infographic will help you decide.

[ilink url=”http://shouldiworkforfree.com/” style=”download”]You can download the infographic here[/ilink]

Tips for better PowerPoint & Keynote presentations

PowerPoint is the standard tool for giving presentations. In fact, you don’t give “presentations,” you give “PowerPoints.” Quite frankly, I find them the most boring, uninspiring method for conveying information to clients and potential clients.

I don’t dislike them because the idea of looking at slides on a large screen is bad, but because the people who create these presentations are generally out of touch with what inspires the very people they create them for. They appear to be more interested in taking advantage of every feature found in PowerPoint or Keynote.

Presentation tips

Which of these PowerPoint slides would you rather look at from across the room?

Giving a great PowerPoint presentation is relatively simple once you understand a few of the basics in giving a memorable presentation. (more…)