6 thoughts on “Free font: Aller

  1. OK, I found that:

    “We now regard 1,000 unique website visitors per day as being equivalent to 1 standard desktop user for licensing purposes.”

    <25,000 at day and you don't have to buy the licensed version. But I still have some doubts, what about purchasing themes with Aller at Themeforest? I don't know how popular will be the site with my template…

  2. >> “Remember, it’s 25 USERS, not 25 VIEWERS.”

    Are you sure? This is quote from license:

    “Use by more than 25 Users, or equivalent WEBSITE VISITORS, is a breach of this Free Licence Agreement, and instead requires a commercial licence.”

    I want to use Aller in my web template, but I don’t know if I should buy it.

  3. fantastic font.

    use it in designs.. even replaced the mac system font with it, so everything i have now is in this font as standard. and it looks BEAUTIFUL.

  4. Every freelance designer on the planet is less than 25 users. Thousands upon thousands of design firms and ad agencies with less than 25 designers can use it. Quite frankly, I can’t imagine anyone but the largest of corporations (such as AT&T, GM, etc.) needing to purchase a commercial license.

    Remember, it’s 25 USERS, not 25 VIEWERS.

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