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Free Smoke brushes for Photoshop users

A while back I told you about some free smoke textures you could download and use in your Photoshop designs. But if those textures didn’t quite fit your needs, perhaps you would be better off creating your own texture backgrounds. Free smoke brushes for Photoshop QBrushes has an awesome set of 21 free smoke brushes for use in Photoshop. Using them on top of color backgrounds and messing with the layer settings can yield some pretty cool results!

Free spiral brushes for Photoshop

photoshop spiral brushes CreativeNerds has put together 14 very cool spiral brushes for Photoshop geeks free for download. I’m a big fan of Photoshop brushes, and this set could be extremely useful to add depth to background images and techy artwork.

Free sticky tape brushes & textures

Photoshop Brushes are an easy way to spice up your designs. Grab them, place them and you’re done. Fudgegraphics has a collection of sticky tape brushes and textures to enhance your latest Photoshop design. The Brush collection is a single, 25.3MB file, containing 15 brushes averaging over 2,000 pixels in size. The Texture collection is a 39MB ZIP file containing 15 PNG files of the same images as the brush set. You can download Sticky Tape absolutely free from Fudgegraphics.

Preview your Photoshop brush sets without loading them

Adobe PhotoshopIf you’ve followed this site for any amount of time, you no doubt noticed that I have a great fondness for Photoshop brushes. I download every decent brush set I come across. My custom brushes folder has hundreds upon hundreds of brush files. One thing that has always bugged me is that in most cases, I have no idea what ALL the brushes look like before I bother loading them into Photoshop to preview. Most sites that offer brushes create a preview image that shows off only one or two of the brushes in the set, and typically they apply other Photoshop effects to make them look better in the preview. Thankfully, the options I’ve covered below make previewing your brushes easier. (more…)

Rearrange the Photoshop brushes panel

Adobe PhotoshopIf you use brushes in Adobe Photoshop as much as I do, you no doubt have a few favorite brushes you use often. It can be a real pain if you have several (or in my case, dozens) of brush sets loaded, scrolling through them looking for your faves. Thankfully, you can change the order your favorites appear at in the brushes panel – possibly saving you lots of scrolling each time you use the brush. To rearrange the order the brushes appear, simply go under Edit>Preset Manager and choose Brushes from the pop-up menu. Then click on your favorite brush and drag it to anywhere in the panel you prefer. To move more than one brush, shift + click on multiple brushes to move them all at once.

Free Photoshop lens flare brushes

ColorBurned has made available a high resolution set of Lens Flare Photoshop Brushes for download. The brushes are based on the Knoll Light Factory plugin set. They’re not as flexible as the plugins provided by Knoll, but they’re free! It’s not often you find yourself needing a lens flare in an image, but when you do, it’s nice to have something a little nicer than Photoshop’s rather lame built-in lens flare tool.