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Photoshop Mix for iPad

Adobe Photoshop Mix gives you powerful, easy-to-use tools that let you combine and cut out images, apply looks, and make nondestructive edits on your iPad — all compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC.

The short video at the top of the page shows the general idea behind the app. Looks pretty cool. I wish my son would let me use his iPad so I could try it out.

Touchfire keyboard turns your iPad screen into a responsive keyboard

Touchfire keyboard

The Touchfire iPad Keyboard fits right over the iPad’s on-screen keyboard and is completely transparent, so you can always see the keys underneath it.

It is soft and supple if you swipe through it horizontally – you can use your iPad right through it. Yet it is stiff enough vertically to let you rest your fingers on the home row keys without accidentally triggering the touch screen. When you type, the Touchfire keyboard responds with just the right amount of resistance and spring-back to feel like a lively and responsive keyboard.

If you use your iPad for emailing and writing, this look like a really cool thing to have!

16 reasons NOT to buy a new iPad: As written by a complete douchenozzle at ZDNet

Everyone in the blogosphere knows that simply putting the word iPad in your headline will get your article a dumptruck full of pageviews, but the latest article from some douchebag at ZDNet just takes the cake. I apologize in advance for the language.

I’m not even going to link to the article, because quite frankly it doesn’t deserve even a single pageview this site might send it. Instead, I’ll offer some quick commentary on this dipshit’s list of reasons not to buy a new iPad. It should also be noted that at the end of this stupid piece of crap article the author admits he has never seen the new iPad, but has ordered one so as to ensure his journalistic integrity.

Reason 1: You already have an iPad

Well no shit, Sherlock. I don’t buy a new house or car when I already have one either. Why is this an iPad-specific problem? (more…)

How to do a hard reset on iPhone, iPad and iPod

iOSEvery once in a while, an app freezes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can try force quitting the app by holding the icon down in the app switcher at the bottom, but sometimes an app freezes so hard that you aren’t able to force quit. That’s when a hard reset can come to the rescue.

To perform a hard reset, do the following:

[unordered_list style=”bullet”]

  • Hold down the power button until the Slide to Power Off message appears
  • When the message appears, release the power button
  • Now hold the Home button at the bottom of the device until the problematic app quits


This tip is extremely helpful when on occasion you come across a rogue game or suspect app on the App Store!

Google releases Gmail app for iOS users

Gmail for iOSGet the official Google Gmail experience for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. As you may know, Google released the app previously, but it was buggy and was pulled shortly after. The app offers little more than the mobile version of Gmail, but users may be interested in giving it a try anyway.

With the Gmail app, you can:

  • Receive notification badges for new messages
  • Read your mail with threaded conversations
  • Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting, and reporting spam
  • Keep track of important messages with priority inbox
  • Auto-complete contact names as you type
  • Send and receive attachments
  • Search through all your mail

The Gmail app is available for devices running iOS 4+.