Tutorial: How to make a rippling flag in Adobe Photoshop

Rippling flag tutorial

It’s easy to find flat flag artwork online. But it’s not so easy to find images of rippling flags, especially shot against the background you want. Fortunately, you can use Photoshop to create a multi-purpose rippling flag, and then replace the design with the flag of your choice. Pretty cool, right? So let’s see how it’s done.

Check out this simple Photoshop tutorial by Steve Caplin at CreativePro that’ll help you turn your flat artwork into a rippling flag.

Support Ending for Suitcase Fusion 3

ExtensisAs of September 15, 2013, support will be discontinued for Suitcase Fusion 3. To continue to receive support, you must upgrade to Suitcase Fusion 5, which I reviewed last week.

Upgrade pricing up to 50% off the full product price for Suitcase Fusion 5 is available for Suitcase Fusion 3 users.

Reasons to upgrade to Suitcase Fusion 5:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Support
  • QuickComp™ prototyping templates for quickly experimenting with fonts
  • Windows 8 and OS X (10.8) Support
  • Upgraded QuickMatch™
  • Expanded Web Font Access
  • If you’ve been holding on to Suitcase Fusion 3, now is the time to upgrade.

    Airy: A simply elegant YouTube downloader for Mac (30% discount)

    Eltima Airy

    I can’t tell you how many browser extensions I’ve used over the years who’s sole purpose was to download YouTube videos. Every single one of them was either a miserable experience, riddled with ads, or stopped working after each YouTube or browser update. Most get abandoned by the developer after either happens.

    Stand alone apps aren’t much better. Most look horrible, and nearly all are overly complicated for accomplishing the single job I task them with; downloading YouTube videos.

    I recently had the need to download a YouTube video, and of course, the app I had installed didn’t work anymore. Purely by coincidence, the developer of Airy reached out to me to see if I had tried it. I hadn’t, but I’m glad I did. (more…)

    Suitcase Fusion 5: Ready for takeoff!

    Suitcase Fusion 5

    When I reviewed Suitcase Fusion 4 in May of last year there was plenty of new features that made for a sexy upgrade. With Suitcase Fusion 5, Extensis has chosen to focus on improving existing tools and stability, rather than adding to an already stellar feature set.

    Existing users will find Fusion 5 quite comfortable. New users should read my previous review for a complete breakdown of all the features and know that Fusion 5 is a solid upgrade.

    The biggest selling point of Fusion 5 is full compatibility with Adobe Creative Cloud as well as Creative Suite 6. This is a big selling point, more for Adobe than Extensis, if you ask me. Life is generally ok with an older version of Creative Suite, but if your Font Management app isn’t compatible with your design app of choice, life is miserable. (more…)

    Skin your iPhone earbuds for better sound, fit and style


    As any iPhone user can tell you, the Apple-supplied EarPods (or earbuds if you have an iPod Touch) absolutely suck as far as fitting. Though they’ve improved greatly with each hardware update, I still can’t find anyone who doesn’t say they fall out of their ear constantly because they simply don’t fit right.

    Enter EarSkinz. For $11 you can get these covers that slip on the supplied EarPods/earbuds that claim to not only fit better and add comfort, but improve the sound quality as well. And of course, the 11 color options allow you to choose one that best fits your style.

    Quickly find the CMYK equivalent of a Pantone color in Photoshop or Illustrator

    Many times you are asked to find the CMYK equivalent of a particular Pantone color. If you don’t have a ridiculously overpriced Pantone to Process conversion guide available, you can use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

    There are a lot of theories out there as to how you can get the most accurate CMYK values (some area quite complex, such as first converting to LAB color before converting to process colors, etc.). But if you’re a pro you already realize that no Pantone color is going to match 100% in process printing anyway and the Pantone Color Bridge guide is the best and most accurate conversion method.

    The Pantone Color Bridge Guide is expensive, so these are the fastest ways that I’ve come across that give the best results. (more…)