Special symbols keyboard shortcut chart

Special Symbols Keyboard Shortcuts Chart

Download the Special Symbols Keyboard Shortcuts Chart in PDF format

Ever find yourself trying to remember the keyboard shortcut for a funky symbol like ‡ (dagger) or ∞ (infinity), or perhaps the elusive ¡ or ¿ for Spanish text? There are a ton of special characters included in many fonts that you can use if you could only remember the keyboard shortcut to access them.

Download the special symbols keyboard shortcut chart and print it out to keep near your computer for quick reference. The 600k PDF chart is 5 x 7 inches in size.

9 thoughts on “Special symbols keyboard shortcut chart

  1. JD,

    check your en & em dash keystroke. I think this is correct:

    option – (en)

    option shift – (em)

  2. Much appreciated. Also useful for these purposes is being able to show/hide the keyboard viewer on demand. You can add it to the Input Menu in the menu bar via settings in the International Preference Pane or launch it directly (via script, keyboard launcher, etc.). It lives at: /System/Library/Components/KeyboardViewer.component/Contents/SharedSupport/KeyboardViewerServer.app

    A couple of little suggestions that might help improve your chart:
    - The cedilla would be clearer on your chart if you chose a typeface that had a glyph for it that illustrates it properly (i.e. with a little hook). The one you’re using (Futura?) makes it look like a prime symbol.
    - A logical order would definitely make the chart more useful. After all, people are most likely going to be looking up how to find a symbol and not what happens when they press a particular key. Examples: left & right angle quotes together; copyright, trademark and registered trademark together; pillcrow, section and daggers together; etc.

  3. Thanks! Just what I’ve been looking for. This will be a very useful chart for me to print off and stick on my wall. This is a very handy chart and everyone should have it near them. Thanks again.

  4. sorry, that should be ” & r e g ; ” the site converted it to HTML in my prev post

  5. Thanks for this! Does anyone know if there is a chart like this for HTML symbols… like “®” for ®?

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