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Free Photoshop brushes: Grunge stripes

Worn Lines is a fantastic grunge stripe set of high-resolution Photoshop brushes that makes adding a little flair to your background images simple.

Worn Lines brushes

A great set of grungy lined Photoshop brushes

Worn Lines, a 20MB download, includes ten 2,500 x 2,500 pixel brushes, and is available from QBrushes. Be sure to check out the multitude of great brushes available while you’re there.

Download over 6,000 Photoshop brushes

Photoshop brush mecca

Photoshop brush mecca

BrushKing offers over 6,000 brushes in multitudes of brush packs, all free and available for download. All the brushes are categorized for easy surfing, and each brush pack has its own page with a preview image, brush info, author, license and download links.