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Open multi-page PDFs in Adobe Illustrator

MultiPage PFD
Not a whole lot needs to be said about this. Download the free script for Adobe Illustrator to allow you to open multi-page PDFs – each page being placed on its own artboard.

Download the script here.

I haven’t used the script, but I’m told it works on Adobe Illustrator CS4 and up. It’s features like this that Adobe should be adding to Illustrator natively.

Import/Export Photoshop workspaces with this simple script

If you’re like me and dread the thought of setting up custom workspaces when you install Adobe Photoshop on a new computer, or reinstall it for whatever reason, there is a simple solution.

I have all my Photoshop panels set up on my 30″ LCD in the perfect spot, and my keyboard shortcuts set up the way I prefer, so starting from scratch is a pain.

Thankfully, John Nack (Adobe Photoshop Product Manager) shared a script that one of the Adobe engineers wrote to export and/or import your customized Workspaces. You can download the Workspaces script here. Details can be found in this post on John Nack’s blog.

Creating calendars in Adobe InDesign with this handy script

I was extremely happy to find out that one of the few scripts I used extensively in Adobe InDesign CS4 still works perfectly in the latest InDesign CS5 upgrade – making calendar creation dead simple.

Calendar Wizard for InDesign

Creating calendars is as easy as a few mouse clicks

Calendar Wizard, by Scott Selberg, makes creating editable calendars as simple as a few clicks of the mouse, a task that would make you nauseous if you had to do it manually in InDesign.

The script allows you to set numerous preferences before creating your calendar, such as what day of the week to start on, the ability to highlight holidays, and creating mini-calendars for the previous and next month in the corners. I don’t use scripts often, but this one is definitely worth keeping around.

Free font: Jane Austen

Jane Austen font

Jane Austen: A unique and readable calligraphic font

When you’re on the hunt for unique and readable fonts, one of the most difficult to find is calligraphic/script fonts. They’re usually too scripty, not scripty enough, or flat-out ugly. Jane Austen might be the answer to your prayers.